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Universal Thinner

Universal Thinner

Universal Thinner is high quality product for enamels based on pure raw materials such as acrylic and urethane resins by air and oven dryness. Specific for acrylic and urethane paints for car body industry with base coat with metal pigmentation and a finishing transparent and lucid coat. The application of both coats is made easy by the speed of evaporation that allows both air than oven dryness as well: in both cases the effect of deepness of the lucid is made stronger. High precentage of acetates gives the product a good fruit smell. Chlorinated free.

code quantity packing
300211 L20
300225 L4

02-30021-GB-201026-Universal-Thinner---Acryl.pdf (367.01 KB)

02-30022-GB-201026-Universal-Thinner---Acryl.pdf (367.01 KB)