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Seam sealant 310 ml - black

Seam sealant 310 ml - black

Masa za brtvljenje is a one-component polyurethane sealant. By reaction with air humidity, the product cures into a strong but flexible rubber, with excellent adhesion to many substrates. Masa za brtvljenje will not sag even when applied in thick layers. The product is resistant to ageing, weather and is impermebale to water. Masa za brtvljenje shows an excellent adhesion to most rough and treated metal sheet and is suitable for sealing all kinds of joints: overlaps, flanges, linear-weldings, spot-weldings etc. It is also used to seal drains, lamp housings, reversible roofs and other car body parts.

code quantity packing
28001310 mL12
Dry to touch60 min

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